Friday, December 23, 2005

Slow Down, National Wonks

It’s not of this blog to be a media critic, but I just can’t stand what so many of the national college basketball media (or the Gang of 500, according to Yoni Cohen) are doing in already talking about player of the year.

To say that either JJ Redick or Adam Morrison is a lock for the award(s) would be like saying that either Peyton Manning or Shaun Alexander was a lock for NFL MVP this season after Week 7. There’s just too much that can happen between now and then.

Besides, to only highlight two players thus far discredits players who are having awesome seasons to this point like Paul Davis, Dee Brown and Je’Kel Foster. Players from smaller conferences are also having dynamite years like LA Tech’s Paul Millsap or Western Kentucky’s Anthony Winchester.

West Virginia picks up a very nice (essentially) road win, while Oklahoma State takes care of previously unbeaten, Longhorn-slaying Tennessee.

Cincinnati gets revenge on their sluggish loss to Dayton, and really has turned the corner since early December. Andy Kennedy found out that starting a turnover-prone guy named Jihad at the point can never be good, and promptly adjusted his lineup. The post-Huggins era might not be that bad after all.

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