Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bracket after Games of 3-13

Oklahoma City
1. Kansas (1) v. 16. Robert Morris
8. Clemson v. 9. Louisville

5. Tennessee v. 12. Siena
4. Wisconsin v. 13. Murray St.

6. Richmond v. 11. Old Dominion
3. Villanova v. 14. Montana

7. Gonzaga v. 10. Georgia Tech
2. Ohio St. v. 15. Morgan St.

1. Duke (4) v. 16. East Tennessee St.
8. Oklahoma St. v. 9. UNLV

New Orleans
5. Vanderbilt v. 12. Utah St.
4. Georgetown v. 13. Wofford

San Jose
6. Xavier v. 11. Virginia Tech
3. New Mexico v. 14. Sam Houston St.

7. Marquette v. 10. Missouri
2. Purdue v. 15. UCSB

1. Kentucky (2) v. 16. Lehigh/Arkansas-Pine Bluff
8. Notre Dame v. 9. UTEP

San Jose
5. Maryland v. 12. Illinois
4. Baylor v. 13. New Mexico St.

New Orleans
6. BYU v. 11. California
3. Temple v. 14. Houston

7. Texas v. 10. Wake Forest
2. West Virginia v. 15. Vermont

1. Syracuse (3) v. 16. Winthrop
8. Florida St. v. 9. San Diego St.

5. Texas A&M v. 12. Cornell
4. Michigan St. v. 13. Oakland

6. Butler v. 11. Washington
3. Pittsburgh v. 14. Ohio

Oklahoma City
7. Northern Iowa v. 10. St. Mary's
2. Kansas St. v. 15. North Texas

Last Four In: Illinois, Virginia Tech, Utah St., Cal
First Four Out: Minnesota, Mississippi St., Ole Miss, Florida


jackviking1 said...

Illinois in, and Minnesota out. Unnacceptable. Do your homework!

Floyd said...

I like the one Buffalo bracket - and how it relates to football. Villanova & Richmond play in the CAA for FCS football (and are the last 2 FCS champions). However, ODU represents the CAA in the basketball tourney. And Villanova and Richmond both beat Montana to win their championships in football. This is the sort of ironic bracket I think the committee would love.

Ross said...

Jack, you will be happier in a few moments when I update my final bracket. If it were up to me, Illinois would be in ahead of Minnesota. But I'm trying to predict what the committee will do. And there's a good possibility that the committee has already decided to put Minnesota in regardless of what happens in the game right now. I think the head to head win at Illinois is what gets the Gophers in.