Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Hardly-Live Blog: North Texas @ Texas Second Half

11:40 - FG% for the first half: UNT 32%, Texas 50%. Augustin and Abrams each have 14.

11:43 - Keith Wooden returns to start the second half, and his two illegal picks in the first two minutes started to set the tone for the first nine minutes of this game.

11:46 - It is truly amazing how much better Connor Atchley is this season than last. I look at him and wonder if it's even the same guy. He's about nineteen steps quicker as well.

11:50 - 15:54 remaining, and it's 59-37 Texas. Josh White is still playing great, but so are Augustin and Abrams.

11:54 - Keith Wooden is starting to play better down low, and just had a nice offensive rebound, put back and plus one sequence. 61-40, Texas.

11:58 - Josh White is so exciting to watch, and will go in for rebounds at 5-10 to boot.

11:59 - Josh White is former Oklahoma player Quantas White's brother? How did I not know this? Quantas' little brother hits his fourth and fifth threes. Lead goes to sixteen points.

12:01 - White with another 3! That's six! And the lead's just 13! 64-51! Woo!

12:04- Wooden from 15 feet! 11 point game! (I need to stop with the exclamation points!)

12:05 - Wooden again with a tap in! Single digit ball game. UT on an 18-3 run in the last 5 minutes. 64-55, Texas.

12:08 - UT comes back with baskets from Damion James and Abrams, but Wooden puts one in after that, 68-57, Texas.

12:09 - 7:34 remains in this game and it's a slightly manageable 13 points, 70-57, Texas.

12:12 - I can't help but think if only UNT had played better D in the first half...and those turnovers...

12:14 - Augustin and Abrams are beginning to get their unstoppability cloak back, after a bit of a lull when UNT made their run. 76-61, Texas, 5:43 remains.

12:18 - Quincy Williams misses a 14-footer from the baseline, and he's been off tonight, 80-64, Texas with 4:58 to go.

12:20 - Augustin drives and finishes (common theme tonight) and the lead is back to 19 points. Augustin has a Josh White-like 27.

12:21 - This just in: Augustin and Abrams are really good. They've combined for 50 and somehow, after all that UNT work, the lead is to 20.

12:23 - Wooden muscles his way down low for a bucket and he now has 17 in the second half. Lead is still 18 points, but I've seen so many good things out of them in this half.

12:27 - The Longhorns have had about a 90-second possession after some offensive boards, and the game is coming to a close. Final score in Austin, about three and a half hours ago, 88-72, Texas.

Awesome performances by Josh White (all game) and Keith Wooden (second half), but Abrams and Augustin were just so bloody good all the way through.

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