Saturday, October 14, 2006

Annnnddd.....we're back

Due to my lackluster blogging of a year ago, I imposed NCAA restrictions on myself that I could not blog until after the Friday closest to October 15. I guess I could have started at 7 pm last night.

In any event, I’ll try and avoid gems like this for the 2006-07 season:

“Here is a very narrow limb I am willing to go out on: Florida will not win the SEC East or even come in second. Yes, you heard it here first.”

And the funny thing is that if Kentucky beats Florida on the final day of the regular season at Rupp, I end up being right!

What the national media are usually failing to tell you in the obligatory “Can Florida Repeat?” story is that after Florida started 17-0 against largely crap, they went 5-6 and were 8-6 in the SEC going into March.

Who was also 8-6 in the SEC going into March? Kentucky.

At that point in the season the odds Florida wins a national title and gets mentioned in the same breath as 1992 Duke would be about the same at Rutgers being undefeated in football in mid-October (wait…)